Boom goes the dynamite!

Boom goes the dynamite!

Donnie and Emily Gardner Before and After Photo
After many years we are finally 100% Debt Free!

I’m excited to announce that Emily and I, after being married for 7 years, are now debt free. We made our last credit card payment on Friday March 3rd 2017. This has been a long process. Ever since we got married in June of 2009 we knew that getting out of debt would be our ticket to financial independence. Now that we are here it feels a little unreal.

I want to let you know that you can get out of debt, I mean mortgage and all. Yes, it is a very long process and you will have to make sacrifices. But if you desire to be financially independent this is the price you’ll need to pay…like I said this has been 7 years in the making, FOCUS is key.

Now, there is nothing wrong with paying minimum payments and holding a mortgage. But if you want the freedom in your life to do as you wish you will need to eliminate these items in order to gain the independence.

How I feel after being debt free.

Not really different in any way. I know Dave Ramsey and people on his show hype up the feeling of being debt free, but I didn’t get any of these moments…maybe it will sink in next month when I have no payments going out.

I thought I would stop worrying about money when this time arrived, but I haven’t 🙁 So if you are hoping that debt freedom will end your money worries think again.You’ll still worry about money but in a different way. i.e. where to invest, what’s my next big goal, do I have enough.

In conclusion

Being debt free is awesome and it IS the way to FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE, but the satisfaction I thought I would get from it wasn’t there…maybe next month.


What money worries do you have? Please comment below.

I always worry about not having enough.


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  1. Now that it it is June 2017, you need to write the update to this post : how you feel and how life changed since you don’t have to may down the debt.

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