I love Calculators!

Calculators are great to help you plan out your debt free attack. The calculators that I have added to this blog are exactly what you need in order to start your debt free journey.

1) Debt Snowball Calculator: This calculator creates a printable blue print of exactly what you need to pay each month to become debt free. If you don’t no where to start your in luck, start here!

2) Debt Free Goal Calculator: This calculator is awesome. If you know the exact date as to when you want to be debt free this calculator is for you. All you do is add in all your debt, put in the date you want to be debt free, and presto! You’ll know exactly how much to pay each month to hit your debt free goal.

3) Debt Consolidation Calculator: Are you thinking about refinancing? Before you do try this calculator out to see if refinancing will be worth it.

4) Average Interest Rate Calculator: This is another great calculator if you’re thinking about refinancing. You can add in all your debts with their interest rates and this calculator will tell you the average. With this information you’ll be able to know exactly what your overall interest rate is for all your debt combined. [*You will want to use this calculator in conjunction with the Debt Free Goal Calculator.]