Should I use a debt relief service?

Should I use a debt relief service?

Should I use a deft relief company to pay off my debt?
Should I use a debt relief service?

I vote no on this one. The issue with debt relief services is they do not fix the root problem that caused you to get into debt. In order to win with money you have to take control over your own finances, by changing your habits. Everyone knows not to get into debt, especially credit card debt. But it happens anyways do to the habits we create. By using a consolidation service you’re fixing the symptoms and not the cause.

You plan to use one anyway

If you do decide to work with a deft relief company choose a reputable nonprofit that provides credit counseling. You want someone who will help fix the habits that got you into debt. In doing a quick Google search you’ll find a number of these services and it’s hard to find a good one. I would go to the Better Business Bureau to search for debt relief companies in your area. The BBB will allow you to see how the company has been rated over the years. In addition, the BBB site will allow you to see complaints that have been filed on the company. When picking a company to serve you I personally would choose one that has been rated and has few complaints.

Furthermore, ensure you find a company that provides counseling. You will be paying a fee for the debt consolidation service and you want to get your monies worth. Take full advantage of any counselor you get assigned and asking them every questions you can possibly think of. The fee is usually based on a percentage of the debt you are getting rid of. This is why I always recommend paying off the debt yourself to avoid fees.

You want someone to help you personally

If you still want to go through a deft relief company just for the support I would recommend joining Financial Peace University instead. Financial Peace University is a 9 week course Dave Ramsey put together and it has helped millions get out of debt. This program is $99, you can’t beat the price and you’ll be with people who are walking down the same path as yourself.

Bottom line: I don’t recommend debt consolidation companies. There are a lot of companies that offer this service and it’s hard to pick which one really helps. I recommend joining a group that teaches you how to take control over your own finances, like Financial Peace University.

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