About Me


Donnie Gardner

Hi! I’m Donnie Gardner. Thanks for stopping by.

I chose to begin this blog because of my passion for personal finance and the elimination of debt in my life. I’ve been on a journey of paying off my debt since since I first got married in June 2009. But it really got serious when I deployed to Iraq. I realized at that time my debt load was out of control. I had spent so much money leading up to the deployment that if for some reason the deployment was canceled I would have been in a very bad financial position. Especially as a part time painter and full time student. I needed this deployment to happen! I had to go off to war in order to pay off some of my debts!

Fast forward to present day and I’m almost 100% debt free…I’ll be there in March 2017 when we finish off the last bit of 0% credit card debt. We have paid off nearly $187,000 in debt so far (to include our mortgage!), as well as cash flowed Emily’s graduate school and my MBA. I look forward to reaching that mile stone of being completely debt free.

My next step is financial independence in order to quit the rat race (Goal is to quit my full time employment on Aug 1st, 2017) and focus on my true passions in life my wife, family, friends, running, and finance. I hope this blog will give you the inspiration to throw off the shackles of debt and become financially independent. I’ll try my best to provide relevant information in order for you to achieve the ultimate goal of financial freedom!

Best of luck,

Donnie Gardner, MBA