How the economy really works

Ever wonder how the economy really works? I came across this YouTube video that does a great job of truly explaining the economy and how we have our cycles of boom and bust. The video was created by Rae Dalio who is one of the greatest investors on the planet and history. In the video he describes through animation the working of our economy from interest rates to economic policy. What surprised you the most from the video?

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One of my Financial Heroes! This is a video worth watching

Do you have a financial hero? One thing I’ve learned over the years is that everyone needs someone to look up to. This should be the individual you admire the most and someone you would love to become. You always want to be your own person, but why recreate the wheel lol. Here is a great video of one of my Financial Heroes! Mr. Money Mustache ~Don’t Worry The Video is in English   This video is basically what Emily and I are striving for everyday…

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How we paid off our debt! Donnie and Emily’s Talk.

Would you like to be debt free? Here we discuss how we paid off our debt as well as the key aspects we thought were really important when getting out of debt.   Create your first budget with –

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