How I’m going to read more books this year!

How I’m going to read more books this year!

New Year’s resolution to read more books!

OK, on average I probably read one maybe two books front to back every single year. However, I probably listen to three to five more on audio each year. None the less my big goal this year is to read at least one fictional book and three biographies this year. As well as try to stay focused in my reading selection, the books need to be informative or uplifting, but not too technical.

How I'm going to read more books this year!

If you’re like me your book stand may look like the above picture. It drives my wife crazy that I have about 15 books that are on my nightstand or sitting next to my side of the bed at any given time. Although I try to explain to her I like to have options when reading:). 


The reality is I never finish any of these books because I only skim chapters that I find interesting for the night. I feel like I’m missing a lot of content when I shuffle back and forth between non fiction books. I almost exclusively read non fiction books and this year want to take advice from Tim Ferriss. In Tim’s book, the Four Hour Work Week, he recommends only reading one non fiction book at a time to get full comprehension of the subject. By the way if you haven’t read the 4 Hour Work Week you need to! I know it really doesn’t matter if I read a book front to back as long as I’m getting valuable information every time I read it. But it definitely provides me with a sense of accomplishment whenever I do read a book through and through.

It gives me a sense of accomplishment reading a book front to back.

I remember I spent about three months reading a book about Warren Buffett. It was Buffets biography called, The Snowball, by Alice Schroeder, I highly recommend reading this book. But the book was as thick as the Bible it was around 800 pages. The book chronicled Buffet’s life starting with his ancestors in New England. I continue to read this book day after day and stayed focused only this book, which was tough because I’m ADD when it comes to books. I even woke up at 4:30 in the morning some days in order to get a start on reading it. My goal was to knock out 10 pages a day. The sense of accomplishment I felt after reading it was amazing!

What’s my plan? 

I’m going to clear out all the books from my night stand and only put the book I want to read on it, starting today! By eliminating every book from my night stand I’ll be able to focus on only one when I crawl into bed.This will allow me to read more books because I wont be tempted to dabble in several books at the same time.

I’m going to try this over the next year and see how many books I’ll be able to read over the next year. My goal for the year is to read one fictional book and two biographies. We will see what happens!



Do you have a ton of books on your night stand? What do you do to stay focused on reading one book at a time?

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