How to not go crazy following Dave Ramsey’s debt free plan!

How to not go crazy following Dave Ramsey’s debt free plan!

Is following Dave Ramsey's plan making you anxious? Me to. Here is what I did to stop the anxiety and still stick to the plan!

Is Dave Ramsey’s plan driving you crazy?

If you’re following Dave Ramsey’s plan you may have become frustrated with his show, as well as how long it’s taking you to get out of debt. Especially if you’ve been trying to get out of debt for years. I know I started to go crazy during the last year of paying off my house. That’s why it was time for me to unplug. 

I’ve been following Dave Ramsey consistently for about three years now. But I’ve truly been following his plan for approximately the last 19 months as I paid off my mortgage. Before I had been listening to him and “trying” to stay out of debt, but never committed to a formal plan. Be that as it may as of the last year and a half I’ve actually been using a budget and following the baby steps. 

Now, after listening to Dave every day on the radio I beginning to go crazy. Instead of providing me with the inspiration to pay off my debts, I was getting anxious about paying off my creditors once and for all. It was like I was hypnotized by the prospect of finally being debt free. I was constantly thinking about having everything paid off, even during conversations about non related things, as well as in my sleep. 

It was time to unplug!

When I decided to unplug I had been listening to Dave’s podcast, radio show, and YouTube channel everyday for six months. As well as listening to his audio books. I thought this dedication would help me on my debt free journey. And it did, at least for the first six months. During this time I was able to create solid habits and really embrace the debt free concept. 

However, after knowing everything “Dave Ramsey” I started to get frustrated with how slow my debt journey was going. When I would hear callers doing their debt free scream I grew irritated and envious. I wanted to be debt free so bad!!!

So if you’re trying to get out of debt and you’ve reached a point of frustration follow the steps…
Stop listening to the Dave Ramsey show.

When I was listening to the Dave Ramsey show it would start to give me anxiety. I think this is because I wanted to become debt free so bad it was just frustrating me. As you probably know listening to Dave’s show you get a ton of the same questions repeatedly, day after day, but with people in different situations. This great, because I enjoy hearing how other people handle different situations with the same principals Dave preaches day in and day out. However, do to the anxiety it was giving me I thought it was best to stop cold turkey and not listen to Dave anymore.

I continued the debt free plan, but I took my inspiration from his books rather than the callers. This helped me from comparing my self to others. 

Disconnect even more.

To stop my mind from wondering even more I made sure I spent quality time with my wife. Because after all the real reason to getting out of debt was for my family. Going on walks with Emily really helped me alleviate the stress and frustration of wanting to be debt-free now. 

On the walks We discussed our dreams of the future, as well as talk about what was going on at our jobs and current events. This helped to get my mind off the debt. 

I realized that I was missing life by counting down the days to debt freedom. I was literally wishing my life away, because I couldn’t wait for that day to get here. I forgot to stop and smell the roses and enjoy life in the process. 

We’re so busy watching out for what’s just ahead of us that we don’t take time to enjoy where we are.       –Bill Watterson

Visit family.

Another way I helped get rid of the stress of my debt free goal was by visiting family. My family lives about 15 minutes away but I probably only get to see them once every three weeks. By going and visiting them it really encouraged me to continue down the path to becoming debt-free in order to give me the freedom to do what I want in the future. It also helped me put in perspective what the real enjoyable things are in life, friends and family. Also, unlike spending time with Emily when I’m with my family I’m not talking about the future, generally, which allows me not to have to think about paying off my debt. 


If you’re getting frustrated with your debt free journey stop thinking about it. Follow the plan you have laid out in your budget and continue to make smart decisions everyday. Other than the conscious decision of creating your monthly budget stop thinking about the future. Live life today with your friends and family. And don’t compare yourself to people on Dave’s show. Everyone is on the journey of life, some are in front of you financially and some are behind. You do you and enjoy YOUR life!

If only I had taken my own advice sooner!

Have you been struggling with comparing your self to Dave’s callers? I know I did. I would like to hear from you.

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