How much we spent on our Kalalau Trail Hike!

How much we spent on our Kalalau Trail Hike!

Hiking the Kalalau Trail is the BEST way to see Kauai inexpensively!

Ok, I wanted to share this experience to show people that hiking is a great way to see amazing views and experience new places all while saving money. Sure window shopping is cheap, but to get life long stories that you’ll share with people for years to come, hiking is where it’s at.

Donnie Gardner hiking the Kalalau Trail.Emily Gardner Hiking the Kalalau Trail. Trail markers along the Kalalau Trail. Donnie Gardner using a water filter along the Kalalau Trail.

So, if you are on your way to Kauai, Hawaii you must checkout the Kalalau Trail! It is a breathtaking adventure that costs only a few hundred dollars to enjoy. And yes a few hundred dollars is expensive, but compared to going to a nice restaurant or even a food truck here is Kauai a few hundred dollars is very reasonable.

What we took on our 2 day 1 night hike! 23 total miles!!!
  • Hiking Shoes – we had bought these years before.
  • Hiking Poles – Borrowed them from family. I recommend at least one per person.
  • Hiking Pants that can zip off – Borrowed once again from family.
  • 4 oz propane cooker – Rented from Kayak Kauai.
  • 2 Sleeping bags – Rented from Kayak Kauai (these are very thin sleeping bags I recommend taking additional blankets).
  • 1 Two man tent – Rented from Kayak Kauai.
  • Cookware – Bought at Target before we arrived in Kauai.
  • Pocket Knife – didn’t use it by way not be prepared.
  • Be Free Katadyn Water Bottle/ Filter – These are a must because you can scoop water from the running stream and drink it immediatly. Bought at REI.
  • Park Permit – we bought 1 night pass.
  • Food – However much you think you need for a 23 mile hike. Take extra!
  • 2 Hiking Bags – We borrowed one from family and rented the other from Kayak Kauai.
  • Change of cloths.
  • Swim Suites to swim in the streams.
  • Water Shoes – we had bought these years before.
Here is what we spent

Here is the breakdown of what we spent on this excursion. I had to estimate our food costs because I bought them with other groceries.

  • Kayak Kauai Rentals – $136.61
  • Park Permits – $40.00
  • Water Bottles/ Filters – $79.90
  • Stanley Cookware – $29.99
  • Food (approximate) – $35.00

The grand total of what we spent was around $321.50. What helped us to save some money on this little hike was our ability to borrow what we didn’t have. I would highly recommend borrowing what you don’t have to save money like us. However, keep in mind the cost of carrying it on a plane, sot here is some give and take.

In summary

If you are looking to make amazing memories on a “cheap” budget consider going hiking. And if you are traveling to Kauai the Kalalau Trail hike is a must do!

Click the Video Below to Checkout Emily Hiking along one of the cliffs!

Emily Hiking Along Cliff!

I hope this post helped you prepare for the hike. I would love to hear your hiking story please post a comment below.


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