How I’ve been staying motivated with this morning ritual.

How I’ve been staying motivated with this morning ritual.

This morning ritual has been keeping Emily and I motivated over the last week. We plan to continue it for the rest of the year to see massive results at the end!
Would you like to start a morning ritual that kick starts a positive attitude?

Over the last week Emily and I have started a morning ritual by listening to Darren Daily¬†first thing when we wake up. These are motivational clips from Darren Hardy. These videos have helped us really focus on the businesses we started and I think the videos will help kick start our success. These clips help me to think about one piece of my life, every day, on where to improve. If I can make these tiny improvements every day for a year by 2018 I’ll see some real and massive improvement.

What are the clips

These clips are no longer than 5 minute YouTube videos. The videos, I feel, are really geared towards entrepreneurs, but anyone can benefit from them. The clip I listened to today talked about shifting your mind set from making money to adding value. Rather than focus our attention on making money (transaction) we should focus on adding value (relationships). If you create a new business and continually ask your self, “is this adding value to someone”, you will make money over the long run. Now, you will have to learn how to market your message of adding value so people know about you, but you will make money with this approach.

While this is common sense the daily ritual of stopping and thinking about topics like this helps bring it to the forefront. Life is super simple you just need to follow common sense approaches. But I always try to complete things by making whatever I do as elaborate as possible. Don’t do this! In the Army we call this the KISS method. Keep It Simple Stupid.

In summary

If you started a new business or your looking for ways to improve your life, I highly recommend Darren Daily’s. These short 5 minute motivational clips inspire and encourage. The videos our a great way to start your day by kick starting your mind with with a positive outlook. This is what I’ve been listening to over the last week and plan to continue over the rest of 2017. We will see where it takes me come 2018!

Darren’s Book: The Compound Effect

Darren wrote a book called the “Compound Effect” that is another great read. Emily and I listened to the book and thought it was good but pretty basic and simple. Essentially, every action you make today creates a ripple affect in your life. If you continually make poor, yet minor, decisions the outcome years down the road will be massive. One example in the book talks about just eating an extra 100 calories a day will compound to 10 pound at the end of the year [100 calories x 365 days = 36,500 calories / 3,500 calories in 1 lbs of fat = 10.42 lbs!]. The reverse can be said if you made healthy decisions.Like I said the book is full of common sense approaches, but it is a good read.

Do you have rituals that get your day started off right? I would love to hear about them.

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