How to make passive income in 2017!

How to make passive income in 2017!

How to make passive income in 2017. Passive Income 2017!
Are you wanting to earn passive income or start a new business in 2017?

If you are looking to make passive income in 2017, DO IT NOW. Stop looking for opportunities! The opportunities are endless. If you think you have an idea of what kind of business you want to start, then start. If you fail oh well. You’ll be able to recover and get back on track.

The purpose of starting now is to gain experience. Once you have the experience of a with any type of business you’ll be that much more prepared to spot a truly once in a life time opportunity. You wont be able to spot these opportunities as a beginner. So go out today and start the business you’ve been thinking of.

When I started this blog I was scared. I didn’t want to spend any money on a url or domain, but don’t worry about the cost. Yes, you want to spend as little money as possible when you start something new, but don’t be on the fence because something cost $100. Go for it today!

Helpful tip

Stay Focused – To stay focused I use an app and website called Nirvana (I dont get paid for this). This site allows me to write out tasks I need to do each day to get my business on track. So write out two to three critical tasks that must be accomplished each day. This has helped me be more productive a million times over.

Don’t have an idea – Ok, if you honestly don’t have a business idea to start check out Nick Loper in Side Hustle Nation. He interviews people who have started businesses. These podcasts are great because they give you almost a step by step guide on how to create your side hustle. DO NOT WAIT TO GET STARTED! Find five that interest you, listen to them, narrow down to three, look into them, and start one. This should take you no longer than a week. Give your self a one week deadline.

Go For It Now!


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