How to save money on Kauai Vacation!

How to save money on Kauai Vacation!

How Emily and I are saving money during our Hawaii Vacation!

Ok, if you are looking to save some money on vacation here are some tricks we use to save some serious cash. If you are not a fan of cooking then this option could be a problem, but if you would rather enjoy a dream vacation then you may need to sacrifice. Now the sacrifice isn’t terrible but you will have to do some cooking. This is how we save so much money on our vacations. Unless you stay at an all inclusive in Mexico your restaurant bill while on vacation can easily reach the $1,000’s. Here is how we avoid the massive out to eat bill.

Landing in Kauai

Emily with her bags in Kauai, Hawaii

The first thing we did when we landed in Kauai, Hawaii was pick up our rental car then we headed to the grocery store! We decided in advance that we would only eat at a restaurant once per day. All the other meals would be homemade. I personally like eating out for dinner. However, the best way to save big money would be to make breakfast and dinner yourself and eat out over lunch. Because generally the lunch specials are much cheaper than the dinner entrees, but hey we are on vacation and splurging is sometimes necessary. Just have an amount you are willing to spend planned in advance.


Emily saving money on vacation shopping at Safeway in Kauai, Hawaii

We stopped at the local Safeway grocery store to pick up our food for the week. We used a friends Safway club card in order to get additional savings. FYI it is super easy to sign up for these cards. They basically want your email address. It’s a hassle to have so many “club” cards for discounts but for the sake of saving money it’s worth it. All in all we spent $170 on groceries for the week.


The cliffs in Kauai, Hawaii, Great way to save money on Kauai Vacation

Next we headed to our condo. Renting a condo versus a hotel is crucial to savings money on vacation. The reason being is you have your own kitchen to cook your own meal. We paid $150 per night for the place which wasn’t too bad when comparing it to the local hotels. And the space you get for the money you can’t beat it.

Going out to Dinner

After we unpacked all of our stuff we headed to dinner. We were both starving after traveling for dang near 24 hours eating only snack food along the way. We stopped at a local fish taco place called Tropical Taco. The food was amazing! We ended up paying $30.00 total for fish tacos which were awesome. But were thankful we didn’t have to eat out every meal otherwise we would be spending thousands on food during this two week trip. In order to save some additional cash we headed back to the condo for dessert.

In conclusion

This is how we saved money on Kauai! If you’re going to be traveling soon and want to save some money follow these tips: rent a condo with a kitchen, eat out only once a day, and skip dessert at the sit down restaurant. What helps me not go crazy on the meals while traveling is to remind myself that vacation is not about restaurants it’s about the experience of being in a new place.

What do you do to save money while on vacation? I would love to hear the tips.

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