Why I want to become Financially Independent.

Why I want to become Financially Independent.

This is why I want to become financially indpendent
Why do you want to become financially independent?

I woke up this morning in Hawaii. I wasn’t sure what to right today, but as I sipped my coffee looking over the ocean to the sun rise it hit me. This is why I want to become financially independent. I want to enjoy the fun things in life like watching the sun rise over the ocean, I can’t experience this in Kansas. Sipping my coffee listening to the ocean waves hit the beach, the smell of the ocean…this is why I want to be financially independent.

Donnie Gardner sipping coffee.


I’m not trying to amass wealth for the heck of it, I’m saving it to gain back TIME.┬áThe most precious thing we have in life is time. I don’t want to waste my time by trading it for money in order to make a living. I want to enjoy my time with friends, family, and of course TRAVELING!

What is my definition of financial independence

Here is the best part of financial independence, everyone can achieve it. But first you must define what financial independence is for you. For me financial independence is being able to make money with my own business where I set my own schedule. Additionally, the work that I do must not trade time for money. The work I do should be able to earn money around the clock, i.e. this blog. The amount of money I earn needs to be enough to cover all my living expenses, only.

The rest of the money can be earned through normal work. And since my living expenses would be covered I get to choose what it is I do for work, because I wont be desperate for a job. The income I need to make this happen is $2,500 a month gross. My number is a little lower since all my debt is nearly 100% paid off, including my house.

This means all I need to make is:
  • $2,500 per month or
  • $576.92 per week or
  • $82.19 per day or
  • $3.42 per hour

My numbers above are based on a full 365 day year. Because I’m not looking at a normal workweek. I’m looking at a workweek that never ends. This can happen because I’m creating a passive income source that works around the clock for me. This way I don’t fall into the trap of having to trade time for money.

In summary

This morning in Hawaii has really driven me even more to reach financial independence. Financial independence is possible for everyone, the key is to define what it is for you. Once it’s defined work like hell to achieve it. Emily and I have been paying off debt since we got married in 2009. We are just now getting close to reaching our financial independence. It’s a long road, but worth the trip.

What is your definition of financial independence?



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